Log IV: Inquisition

This log is a little bit different. Instead of sharing my observations I will list a few of the questions on my mind surrounding oaks, grasses, and the interaction effects of grazing.

1. What is the growth rate (or re-growth rate) of moss and lichen on oaks?

2. I have read that moss and lichen attract animals to the trees. Is this more about attracting nitrogen inputs or acorn dispersal?

3. What are the corollaries and differences between the effects of fire and the impact of grazing at density?

4. How will the nitrogen deposition from manure piles affect the preponderance of annual grasses relative to perennials in the adjacent area?

5. What kinds of conditions favor the health and preponderance of native bunch grasses?

6. What does it mean for a species to have co-evolved with grazing? Does this mean its entire physiology now warrants occasional grazing, or does it mean that it is a better competitor amidst grazing pressures? ("wanting" vs "tolerating)

7. Are cows grazing the bunch grasses (stipa pulchra in particular) prior to the annuals because their deep roots provide more craved minerals, because they get more forage per bite, or because there are some green shoots?