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Here are some of the ways I sometimes work with people.

Hard systems

  • Grazing planning :: I can perform site assessments as well as help you develop a grazing plan and connect you with operators. 
  • Farm planning :: I use the Regrarians Farm Design platform to design your farm with you.
  • Stock handling and herding :: I am experienced with all classes of cattle. 
  • Fruit tree care, planting and pruning :: I am experienced with a range of fruiting trees and shrubs. 


    Difficult systems

    • Personnel recruitment :: I utilize my networks to help you find the right person for a position within your landbased organization. 
    • Context development :: I help individuals, landowners, and organizations identify what matters to them, and develop a context that guides decision making.
    • Working agreement, contract development, and mediation :: I help prospective employers or employees navigate around common pitfalls for the benefit of all. 
    • Speaking :: I'm often asked to speak to diverse groups about the role of people and animals in a climate unstable future.